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Want to take care of your salon blowout after a few days?




Summer Style Savers & Extension Care Tips

Too hot to let your tresses down to blow in the wind?Are you finding yourself in a pony tail state of mind 24 hours  a day? Now it’s time to try an updo twist bun or braid.

What product Package will you use? For home 8-16 oz,Travel 1.7-2oz,or Vacas packet samples to save space.Note:Look for 2oz Dry Shampoos.No swimming with extensions especially Tape ins.

Choose a cleanse and condition routine wisely and carefully,it’s the frequency.Deep cleanse stimulates the scalp so your head can breathe.Always use hydrate shampoos on extensions ,any other shampoo will swell the extensions.Look for UV heat protection before blow drying.Deep condition your tresses once a week .Do not air dry your hair or extensions ,pat dry and use an ionic blow dryer at least 1800 watts.Water left on hair has mineral deposits which dry causing split ends.

If your hair is chemically processed use a tourmaline ceramic iron or curler especially with hair color this will maintain the smoothness of the cuticle and use low heat avoids thinning.After wrapping your blow out,wear a scarf or sleep cap bonnet or sleep on a Satin shirt to protect your hair from cotton pillow cases that pull oils from your hair.

Best brushes are loop and boar bristle.Add your fav UV shine spray and your on for the summer!